About Us

Generation One Screen Printing is about much more than T-Shirts!  The print shop is our chance to change the direction of the lives of young men in the Third Ward.  At the shop, the guys are building the foundation they need to be successful for the rest of their lives.  Along with the job comes mandatory life skills classes including budgeting, parenting and Bible study.

The young men we hired have now become role models in the community.  Younger kids can look to follow in their footsteps instead of heading down other paths commonly taken in the community.  Our first 5 employees are excited about their futures and have a new HOPE about where their lives will be in the next 5 to 10 years.

We are eager to hire 5 more young men to work in the shop and your business can make that happen!  When you print with Generation One, you don't just get the shirts, you give the gift of HOPE!